Energy Management Programmes

Internal Management Teams

ASI’s energy management represents an extension of our organization into yours. We are convinced that working in partnership is the most effective way to reach the highest efficiencies. Our research has shown that equipment upgrades can yield good savings up to a point and process and behaviour modification can take you even further. Your internal participation and senior management support, with our external professional input will bring your organization the best results.

ASI will work with you to set up an internal energy management team comprising of members from all the functional areas of your organization. Our assigned consultant will function as an advisor on their team for as long as necessary to get you fully operational. All projects regardless of their scope or complexity are implemented under the stewardship of the Internal Energy Management team with ASI right there with you.

Your team will benefit from training to allow for continuous prioritization of each Energy Saving Opportunities, implement, monitor, evaluate and report on projects. We recognize that you know your operations best and ASI will:-

  • Function on the energy team as a consultant

  • Support the work of the energy team

  • Review any planned and on-going project

  • Assist with any cost benefit analysis

  • Develop specialized training for special groups (Purchasing, Facilities, etc)

  • Participate in discussions related to project selection

  • Advise on general energy issue

ASI will provide our expert services to you on a one (1) year contract period for a predetermined number of days each month to ensure you get the support you need to realize your goals that we set together.

Staff Training

Our training modules fit into a wider plan to bring change to your organization through staff education. We are confident of making a difference by equipping your staff with new knowledge through building and delivering modules that fit your needs. The activities involved in delivery are:-

  • Visiting your properties

  • Customizing material

  • Delivery of training

  • Evaluation of effectiveness of training