ITC Consultation

Systems Design & Development

At ASI we are concerned about the effective use of Information and Communication Technology within your organization. We work with our clients to design solutions that fully satisfy their needs. In a rapidly changing technology landscape, ASI is sure to keep you in touch with all the latest changes in data and voice communications.

Our solutions are designed with your future in mind. We anticipate the changes in the technology industry and your business to ensure you remain current.

ASI employs the traditional development life cycle methodology and other rapid development methodologies to ensure we deliver solutions on time and at cost without compromising quality or performance.

We involve our clients at every stage to ensure that their needs are completely met. At ASI we are satisfied when you are!

Customer Requirements Definition

We understand the need to get it right the first time. At ASI we set the stage for exactly that, by first building the correct relationships within your organization. Like any critical business transaction, we recognize the importance of accurately defining our customer’s needs. ASI focuses on what you need so as to ensure we deliver that competitive edge that we know you need in today’s competitive environment.

Our documentation is clear and simple enough to allow for easy verification by our clients. Your understanding of what we must deliver is important to you and ASI. Together we succeed!

Technical Documentation

ASI produces technical documentation that is intended to communicate our clients detailed needs to all potential suppliers. We bridge the gap between the technocrats and the customer. We effectively communicate your needs to all industry players so that you don’t have to.

We ensure that every ICT supplier is clear on their deliverables and that they fit your needs. ASI will interpret it for you so there is no misunderstanding or ignorance that may lead to mismatch expectations. You don’t need to bother about the technical jargon!

Project Management

At ASI we believe an ICT project is a combination of people, process and technology to deliver a solution that creates a more effective organization. We work with you to deliver each project on time, and within budget using industry best practice. We get there together!