General Energy Consultation

Problem Analysis

ASI offers its clients a General Energy consultation where we provide advice about how to deal with energy related issues. This may include providing information on the options that may be appropriate in a situation and assessing the potential impacts.

We analyse new or existing projects to determine the possible impact on energy consumption.

Energy Engineering

ASI has developed bench marks that may be used to project consumption and pre-empt future problems. You can have your building plans examined and receive recommendations for changes to result in a more energy efficient property.

Whether you are planning a retrofit, refurbishment or just an upgrade, we can help you to do it right the first time. You don’t have to be at the mercy of your suppliers and sales persons, you can get an independent energy assessment that you can rely on to make your decisions.

Our services are available to commercial and residential clients. We are please to provide each customer with customized sound advice allowing them to make the best decisions about their energy needs. Whether you are planning a retrofit, refurbishment or just an upgrade, we can help you to do it.


ASI is keen on increasing energy awareness in your organization. We also accept our moral and social responsibility as a business and may also assist you in realizing yours. We therefore offer educational sessions for associations, interest groups, institutionalized grouping and the public. For example, Universities, government agencies and professionals, international agencies, etc.

Our focus is primarily energy oriented but also environmental in nature. We concentrate on those things that promote a more cost effective and sustainable future for energy and the environment. To this end we will engage in:-

  • Seminars

  • Presentations

  • Lectures

  • Institutional Programmes

By consistently addressing energy awareness, conservation and efficiency issues in a broad set of forums we are confident of making a difference at the residential, commercial and institutional levels in society through exposure to relevant knowledge.