Detailed Energy Audit

Data Collection

ASI’s standard audit methodology requires that device and process data is collected for all energy consuming components. Since these form the foundation of all energy consumption a complete inventory is recorded. Our intention is to produce critical base line data that provided us with a reference point for all future measurements.

We pay careful attention to how you use your equipment. This allows us to examine your internal processes and create an accurate profile for all categories of equipment. We identify your major energy consumers and your most and least efficient equipment and processes.

Any future measurements will allow us to see any improvements that result from the implementation of energy saving opportunities.

Data Analysis

We understand the importance of data and extracting valuable information from it. Our analytical team ensures that will detect any trends in your consumption data and predict future consumption using various realistic scenarios. We collect detailed disaggregated data so that we can build various views of that data to help you understand your energy consumption. Such views show energy consumption by:

  • Equipment Type/Category

  • Location

  • Division/Department

As we better understand your usage we are able to select the perfect solution to your energy challenges.


ASI produces a comprehensive report that helps you to fully understand your energy consumption quantities and patterns. This report will include:-

  • Electricity data for 36, 24 or available months

  • Inventory of consuming devices

  • Energy consumption distribution using various views

  • Potential Energy Management Opportunities/projects

  • Estimated costs of retro-fitting including alternate energy solutions

  • Recommendations for greater efficiency

  • Payback analysis for retro-fits